What’s It All About

I love to write, and create; picture, poems, colors, photos, whatever comes out.  Sacredness exists in what we create, that is all.

Sometimes the thought comes out easier in a Haiku, or another day a formal essay, or it just occurs magically in a photo I happened to snap. But it all boils down to the journey through the messy maze of life, and my desire to find love in all of it, by making.

I am a writer and an artist because I love to make things…because I can’t not spill over with whatever I am thinking or feeling. This journey  will take me along the road to sharing my voice with others, in whatever form I can, wherever it takes me.  I want to share my constant quest to learn more.

I am always looking to assimilate too many ideas all at once.  So, the many different ideas that show up on this blog only help me divide and conquer the chaos that comes flying out of me at light speed.

So join me if you like, whether you are a just a reader, a fellow writer, or creator.  My hope is that this space will provide ideas that will inspire you to find love in everything around us, and that you will find you must pursue that one thing you were meant to do.


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