Poetry Fix

I truly believe that poetry is the most accurate way to record thoughts and feelings  as they flow from the mind.  Therefore reading and writing poetry is an excellent way to get close to what others, and you yourself are thinking, feeling, and understanding.

If you have never really been a reader of poetry, I hope this place helps you become one.  Poetry has lost the favor it had about a century ago,  and I think this is because we have gotten used to having everything fed to us immediately.

TV and movies offer an easy way to plug in, and be entertained.  Poetry does take some thought and effort to read, but it is much more satisfying to have digested a poem, than to have gulped down a sitcom or flimsy reality show.

My wish is that those who love poetry will find this place, and revel in the poetic offerings by poets old and new.  I want to present something to think about, something to ponder and absorb.  Sometimes, I might even add a poem of my own.  The goal  to serve up  a good, nourishing dose of poetry.

The poems I have immersed myself in through the years are an indelible part of my psyche.  When they come up in my mind, I am immediately connected back to where and when I read, and loved each poem.  The memory and enjoyment of poetry is a unique delight.

Poetry  is communication in its most raw form.  We write prose, but we edit and construct and put words in to neat little sentences.  Poetry gives us the liberty to let our thoughts flow onto the page in their purest form. My  hope is that you will eventually become addicted to these poetic offerings, and come here for your Poetry Fix.


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