Small stone January 11, 2014

Rarely have I stuck to a daily writing practice. I try. I so try every time. Maybe if I set a reminder I can work at this practice with a more committed mind. I keep going 🙂

Here is an offering for today

Our separate breaths
In and out
Roll staggered
In and out
The black night ocean
We sleep among waves


Missed a day :( life interferes. Small stones for 2 days

Alas, I attempt to be consistent with a new practice but a headache and busy Sunday interferes. So here I offer two to make up.

Missed this day
Pain swallows me
Diverting works.
Now crystalline focus
Most important:
My lover loves me
Always and despite

I made him dinner.
The joy on his face, in his belly
Sleeping alongside my love
The greatest peace