I Get By With A Little Help…

Are you looking for another pair of eyes to read through your writing work? Looking for some basic copy editing help?  Do you need a simple proofread of your manuscript, or a full substantive edit of your book? Ready to design a blog or newsletter but don’t  know where to start.

Or maybe you have a great idea, and you know it.  But you do not know where to begin.  I am here to help you go from mere ideas to written work with my Collaborative Conception process.

I can help you with any type of writing project, from the first hints of inspiration to final publication. And I am willing to try anything you can imagine.  So if you are looking for some writing,  editing, or creative help, my 17+ years of professional  experience might be just what you need.  Contact me for more information! I look forward to helping you with your project.

~Contact me at abhdavidson@gmail.com or 720-808-0941


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